By eliminating boat roll, JIWU transforms everyone's experience on the water.
Your guests go from sick to smiling, and memories turn from "never again" to "best trip ever!".

Don't Leave Port Without It

Since the introduction of the first bWave, we've seen and heard thousands of times how JIWU has changed people's lives: the astonishment, excitement, relief, and joy they exude when the gyro turns on and the boat settles, is magical.
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How It Works

Inside a vacuum encapsulation, a flywheel spins at speeds of up to 9,700 rpm. When the boat rolls, the gyro tilts fore and aft (precesses), producing a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard that counteracts the boat roll.

Built to Perform

bWave is designed to eliminate boat roll on vessels 30' and up. It requires modest electrical power, has no outside appendages, and can be installed virtually anywhere if necessary. Its computerized control and vacuum technology make it the first truly practical, and only modern, anti-roll gyro.